Professional Approach

Your very own Quantity Surveyor
Behind Ardeevee Depreciation
Reza Juwono, Principal
AIQS Quantity Surveyor, Registered Tax Agent

Reza has the Bachelor of Building Construction Management and Property (major in Quantity Surveyor) from University of New South Wales. Reza entered construction industry 10 years ago and Tax Depreciation 5 years ago. Having prepared thousands of depreciation reports with ten millions dollars of deductions across Australia, Reza approach each of his client individually and professionally. He builds a case for each of his client and advise the best approach to depreciation so his clients can claim as maximum as possible for their circumstances.

Ardeevee Approach

With Ardeevee Depreciation, we want to ensure our client(s) claim as maximum deductions as possible. To do this we provides professional tax depreciation schedule AND professional client-QS relationship. We will appoint you a personal Quantity Surveyor from as early as quotation stage. The same Quantity Surveyor will assist your query, advise you, do inspection and complete your report.

This is what we call Ardeevee Approach, because we believe that good personal relationship and understanding of our client(s) investment condition help us to tailor our report to their needs.

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